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The game is very challenging, but unlike many Boulder Dash-related games the difficulty comes from solving the puzzles in each level rather than from semi-responsive controls.
Furthermore, Supaplex does not use time limits for solving the puzzles, unlike Boulder Dash.
It is an extended clone of Boulder Dash.One of the best action-puzzle games in the world!ยป.Rating (OldGames 85 rating users).Supaplex is a video game created by Michael Stopp and Philip Jespersen of Dream Factory.It is an extended clone of Boulder Dash.The game is very challenging, but unlike many Boulder Dash-related games the difficulty comes from solving the puzzles in each level rather." Binky Barnes, Art Expert " 32 2a October 21, 1997 Arthur and Buster have to work with Binky on an art report, but they believe he will make them do all the work." Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival " 61 11b December 28, 1998 Arthur and Buster have an imaginary music festival featuring the whole cast in songs based on their lives, themselves, and the library." Buster Spaces Out " 174 10a April 28, 2011 After seeing footage of the Moon Landing, Buster decides to build a model rocket ship, and recruits Arthur, George, Carl, Francine and Muffy to help him." Arthur's Big Hit " 66 1b October 4, 1999 Having had enough.W., Arthur angrily punches her for tossing his model airplane (that he worked on for a long time) out the window and breaking it, but nobody sees his side." Buster's Breathless " 68 3a October 7, 1999 When.W." Carried Away " 219 4a 25 May 26, 2016 Kate and Mei Lin get a chance to tour the solar system with Pal 's cousin,." Bats in the Belfry " 148 3b October 20, 2008 Arthur,.W., and Buster turn Grandma Thora 's attic into a clubhouse until Arthur spots a bat." Arthur's Baby " 11 11a October 21, 1996 Arthur tells the story of when his mom was pregnant with his baby sister, Kate." Binky Barnes, Wingman " 72 7a October 13, 1999 Binky is doing a project on butterflies and becomes obsessed with catching "Big Blue a rare blue one." Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery " 140 5a June 29, 2007 When Nadine goes missing, Kate and Pal try to find out where she went, suspecting that the Tibbles had kidnapped her." Brain's Biggest Blunder remote vehicle starter manual transmission " 181 7b May 7, 2013 When the Brain gets teamed with Buster and Binky in the annual Arithmattack competition, he immediately enrolls Buster in binomial boot camp." Arthur's Mystery Envelope " 40 10b October 31, 1997." Arthur's Family Feud " 85 10a November 27, 2000 After.
" Baseball Blues " 181 7a May 7, 2013 It's Grebelings season and George can't wait to play!

" Buster the Lounge Lizard / Cents-Less " 41 October 13, 2010 42 Buster the Lounge Lizard : After seeing an advertisement for a "Dark Buggy" on TV and bringing it to school, Buster accidentally gets the wayward electronic toy car lost in the teacher's.
" Buster Baxter, Cat Saver " 36 6a October 27, 1997 Buster gets a cat down from a tree with his ice cream and his mother publishes a story.
" Brain's Shocking Secret " 139 4b June 28, 2007 The Brain is afraid of his classmates learning that he got held back in kindergarten, and for what reason.