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O There is a new button available in the screen designer to display a North arrow, it also works as a button to turn "Course Up" off and.
Added support for the Microsoft "managed" GPS interface for Pocket PC's / Smartphones.The ability to use srtm height data has been added (this was in version.19 but not announced).Kinetic map scrolling has been added - the map will continue to scroll if "flinged" with the stylus.Oziexplorer.19, PNA WinCE5.Map Searching now will also look into the sub-folders of the configured "Map File Paths", this will provide for better organisation of maps into different sub-folders for any of the "Map File Paths".A bug in the scale display when using the Nautical Miles / Feet units has been fixed.If you have 10, 000 waypoints loaded the calculation of nearest waypoints can take milliseconds and this must be done every time the position changes (only when the nearest waypoint list is on the page of course).The time zone is now stored in the track log file, the next version of PC OziExplorer will use this entry to display the track points with the time they were collected.Size of the font used for the "Standard menus" Size of the Dialogs Size of the Toolbars Size of the Menubar Size of the Keyboard (wince core devices only) The screen pages are now resized by scaling to fit the screen rather than by moving.2.30d.3 - fixed logbook image creation when in perspective 3D mode.2.30d.3 - fixed issue with nearest waypoint list when selecting waypoints on blank entry and clicking on the "Map" or "Goto" button.O New page files.par1) have been provided with the North arrow on page.O most devices can use either driver.Zip - Magellan POI Manager Symbols.Jeep there's only one.
Faster Map Indexing on WinCE Core devices (up to 15 times faster).
Use a Button to execute an external program (located at the bottom of the parameter list in "Other Command - limited manuales de redes cisco to 50 characters - include full path to exe file, parameters are.

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The check to see if the Map Index is up to date is now only checked once per session.