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You can easily update and get all the features that you want.I figured it out (so far). .Did this solve your problem?When the window pops up saying activation will expire in x number of days click on it or get to the activation process window some other way. .Cxgdd-GP2B2-rkwwd-HG3HY-VDJ7J, rK7J8-2pgyq-P47VV-V6PMB-F6XPQ, t44H2-BM3G7-J4CQR-mpdrm-bwfwm, xW6Q2-MP4HK-gxfk3-kpgg4-GM36T, sP3 VOL msdn: MRX3F-47B9T-2487J-kwkmf-rpwby, sP3 HP: P2BXT-D7Y8P-F6WF2-hyxy9-49TJD.It should be on a sticker on the side of your computer.I think dear john novel ebook I even had to hang up and call again. .Security Section and uncheck both: check for publisher's certificate revocation " check for server certificate revocation now you can activate online as normal or use the "Windows XP Product Key Change Tool".You will need to have ahead of time a product key code from a computer. .This makes it easy. .Fujitsu OEM: C873T-F3X3M-9F6TR-J26GM-ytkkd, pro SP3 OEM founder: F4G2M-BH2JF-gtgjw-W82HY-vmrrq Home SP3 OEM founder: K72PX-D96QW-rchb9-3P96F-yqbcy Home OEM Haier: gyfdm-kcxhw-6gfgq-JQ9FH-B4TRY SP2 OEM HP: P2BXT-D7Y8P-F6WF2-hyxyp-49TJD Home OEM: JQ4T4-8VM63-6wfbk-KTT29-V8966 Home Retail: RH6M6-7PPK4-YR86H-yfffx-PW8M8 Media Center: C4BH3-P4J7W-9MT6X-pgkc8-J4JTM B2Y39-43MG6-mmgrg-7vkcf-vxmcm Professional Corp: XP8BF-F8HPF-PY6BX-K24PJ-TWT6M Professional OEM: XJM6Q-BQ8HW-T6DFB-Y934T-YD4YT Professional Retail: CD87T-HFP4C-V7X7H-8VY68-W7D7M Professional SP2 VOL: ccmwp-99T99-KCY96-fgkbw-F9WJT Plus.Check for the text and link and if ok hang.How you can use those Product keys: First you need to Setup your windows Xp on your pc and that time you can use bellow keys on your pc that help you to recover your Xp Olv key and update easily with out any kinds.Turns out it's exceedingly easy to restore Windows XP Online Activation.SP3 OEM sony: K7RGC-cdxyj-ftyh2-Y3VVV-kbyc7, sP3 IBM: TW8WB-MKT89-FRD3V-H6CGJ-6JW83, aCER: KDD3G-hgvgm-M24P4-6bmmy-9XHF8.
(And in think it also lets you use different type of keys from the media the OS was installed from, such as Retail on OEM and such).

Somewhere in this process it will ask you to enter your product key code that you got off a sticker on a computer. .