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She also respects that Peridot attempted to fuse as a way of understanding why Garnet remains a fusion.
Garnet is also the most encouraging of the Crystal Gems and is usually the first to give Steven the chance to try out his ideas (particularly in " Marble Madness.
Amethyst respects Garnet's leadership abilities and judgment, even referring to her as "the boss".Pre-regeneration (Debut) She had medium, maroon colored skin, and black hair styled into a cube-shaped afro.I can see you hate the way we intermingle.Garnet could also form Alexandrite by fusing with Opal.Both of these personalities come from her two constituent Gems, the conservative Sapphire and passionate Ruby.In "Monster Buddies Amethyst refers to Garnet as "the G-Squad with the "Squad" most likely referring to Ruby and Sapphire.In " Steven's Birthday " Greg and Garnet are seen looking at a "Stella" album.(of love) " Garnet, during the song " Stronger Than You " Ruby and Sapphire fusing into Garnet.DragonNinja 1988 Imagine Software Bad Max 1985 Transoft Badlands 1990 Domark Ball Bearing 1993 Radical Software Ball Crazy 1987 Mastertronic Ballblazer 1987 Activision / Lucasfilm Ballbreaker 1987 CRL Group Balloon Buster 1989 Blue Ribbon Software Balloonacy 2008 Cronosoft Ballyhoo 1985 Infocom Banger Racer 1991 Cult.The legs are now completely indigo and magenta at the toes." A : " heres a really subtle one thats in every episode: Garnets title card gets a double shooting star!Any one of the Crystal Gems can activate this, except Steven.As revealed in "Keeping It Together Garnet suspected Peridot had ill intentions toward the Earth, specifically regarding the reactivation of the Kindergarten.Joseph Raymond (Ray) Comstock, i knew Ray and his wife well I babysat for them years ago in both Nanton and Calgary he was a good man and they were a loving couple, they will.In " Three Gems and a Baby it is revealed that when Steven was a baby, after seeing his gem glow for the first time, Garnet believed that Steven was a unique Gem Fusion.Sex, sexless, gender Pronoun, she/Her, animal crossing new leaf prima guide pdf hair, indigo-black.In "Alone Together Garnet mentions she does not have trouble fusing.3 " A : " garnet " ml /NjQLxKCaC5w#t02m23s v e Fusion Gems Crystal Gem Fusions Full-Gem Fusions Hybrid Fusions Homeworld Gem Fusions Unaligned Gem Fusions Forced Fusions See more discussions.
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In " Know Your Fusion she expresses both shock and joy at Steven and Amethyst fusing, picking up and shaking Pearl while screaming in happiness.

This costume lacked contrast in colors compared to her pre-regeneration outfit.
Gems on, earth who joined the Crystal Gems in the rebellion against the Gem Homeworld, and afterwards assisted her friends in protecting the Earth over the next few millennia.
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