Navigate to your folders to the game directory and find the proper executable file (see the second paragraph in Step 4 of the previous tutorial).
Please verify your email to activate your account.ISO and CUE/BIN files (CD images) Some of the games are available as a CD image, a perfect copy of the original.EXE to configure sound, have destroy all humans big willy unleashed wii ntsciso better graphics or enable mouse support.Several formats are possible though: ISO, CUE/BIN, NRG, MDS/MDF.Save the nf file and when you start dosbox, the game should boot and start automatically just like the good old days when you shoved the disk in and turned on the (Atari) computer.You can also skip frames in dosbox to get better performances, use ctrl-F8 to increase the number of frames skipped.It has a nice graphical interface, and a lot of things are done for you behind the scene.Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel : very basic software but doesn't require an installation - the everyday genius peter kline pdf quite hard to use though.Click on Add Add manually.More information, got it!CUE/BIN images allow you to mount a game CD which has music tracks on it - many games of the late 90s used this system, and you could play the game music on a CD player.
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Dosbox can emulate several sound cards, check out the wiki about sound setup.
Virtual Drive Some games require you to emulate a floppy drive and have the game content mounted.
Dosbox has many frontend programs ( complete list here ) that give you a more appealing interface.