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He was forced to section off the part of his brain that stored the plan so that scans of his mind, which would be necessary for him to become president, wouldn't reveal his plan, which included his being President of the Galaxy and subsequently stealing.
Citation needed as a thinly veiled parody of George.Read more, new Microsoft Edge screenshots leak, revealing a Google Chrome-alike.If you have two heads, three arms, ge circuit breaker maintenance manual and an ego problem, dont travel to Beeblebrox; you will be laughed at and considered boring and unoriginal." A kind of dual head X setup, multiseat configuration, is referred to as Zaphod mode.Its advanced features are straightforward to access, so we can all be power users.Key Features: Call your friends' PC (free mobile or landline phones.Unfortunately, the second head's mechanics seldom worked properly and so for most of the time it just sat on Zaphod's shoulder looking inanimate citation needed, although in one scene it manages to have a brief conversation with Wing-Davey's real head, before being told to "go.Fitted just beneath his right one to help improve his ski-boxing." According to the original.In the second radio series and the book version of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, we learn (and so does Zaphod) that the object of his plan was to find the man who actually ruled the universe who turns out.Zaphod Beeblebrox the Fourth ).5 In an interview, 6 Douglas Adams stated that there are a number of environmental and weapons treaties, as well as laws of physics, which prevent the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster from being mixed on Earth.Zaphod Beeblebrox ( /zefd biblbrks/ ) is a fictional character in the various versions of the humorous science fiction story, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by, douglas Adams.

Eoin Colfer wrote and published an official 6th book for the Hitchhiker's series, in which it is implied Zaphod's third arm may have originally been grown so that he would have one hand for each.
He's been described as "the best Bang since the Big One " by Eccentrica Gallumbits, and as "one hoopy frood" by others.