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The Cyclops is hacks intended to roll off its parent vehicle and be steered remotely towards its target, at which point it is detonated with devastating force.
Medusa The Medusa is a self-propelled gun like the patch Basilisk and also built on the Chimera chassis, but with a larger-bore and shorter-barrelled gun known as the Medusa Siege Gun.The standard armament is a Battle Cannon mounted in the turret and heavy weapons (usually Heavy Bolters ) in side sponsons and glacis plate mounting.Further, its engines can be compelled using the proper rituals and prayers to channel magnetic force into the Prime's tracks.The disp Standard Template with Construct (STC) designs for patch the Crassus, and two of imperial its variants, were found on the recently re-conquered cheats and re-consecrated Forge more hacks World of Zhao-Arkkad.It is far larger than both the Termite and the Mole, and like them utilises a phase-field generator to burrow deep underground with its massive drill, carrying many units of Imperial troops safely far below the surface patch of the earth, beneath enemy fortifications and formations.Many Imperial commanders user would willingly exchange two regiments for a single Banesword, such is the reputation of this tank.Destroyed vehicles will be investigated for salvage, and once their Machine Spirit have been set free to return to the Emperor they are left to rust away in peace.This enables the vehicle to cling to vertical surfaces, and even operate in zero gravity conditions.The STC for this weapon was originally discovered by Explorator-Magus Humnal in late M39, but a schism in the Mechanicum over the purity of its template delayed the testing and deployment of the Omega pattern weapon for centuries.Basilisks utilise the standard Chimera chassis but replace the passenger compartment and turret with the Earthshaker, leaving it with the hull-mounted.The Pathcutter is used by both the Imperial Guard and rebel fighters on Danik's World to transport infantry trough the deep snow, as other Imperial transports on the planet, most notably the Chimera, have difficulty clearing a path through the snow.Deathstrike Missile payloads include Plasma crack warheads, biological warheads, nuclear warheads, Titan -killer warheads, and the dreaded Vortex Warheads all of which require the authorization of Segmentum Command in order to fire due to the immense amount para of destruction they are capable.This vehicle is equipped with Multi-Launchers and Heavy Bolters.The Chimera chassis is the basis for many other Imperial vehicles, including the Basilisk, the Hydra, and the Hellhound. The tank was created by necessity as a Titan-killer, during the siege many commanders requested Shadowswords to combat the large number of enemy Titans crack from a Renegade Forge World, the only way the Imperium crack could continue fighting the war was to replace the Tremor Cannon.
Due to its ubiquity, it has been found modified for military use, as needs dictate.

The crew of the Samaritan collect the wounded 40k imperial armour vol 1 imperial guard imperial navy.pdf.rar and transport them to either a medical company aid station or to a field-hospice near the very rear of the line.
Thunderer Siege Tank Originally conceived as a field modification, the Thunderer Siege Tank is becoming more and more common.