Abaqus user's manual 6.13

abaqus user's manual 6.13

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Abaqus diablo Scripting Reference Guide.The start and utilities step diablo arguments are optional; the build default keygen start argument is 0, and the harrison diablo default step argument.If an IOError error is encountered, the except statement catches the IOError exception and assigns the exceptions demons value to the variable error.For i in hacks range(len(xyCoordsInner)-1 ne(point1xyCoordsInneri, point2xyCoordsInneri1) This loop creates the inner prole of the letter A in mySketch.FirstStep eps'Step-1' secondStep eps'Step-2' # Read displacement and stress data demons from the last frame # of the first two steps.310 Abaqus ID: Printed cracked on:.Running a script without the Abaqus/CAE GUI You can run a script without the Abaqus/CAE GUI by demons typing the following command: abaqus cae where is the name of the le containing the script.print x None.5.7 Continuation lines and comments You can continue a statement on the following line if users you break the statement between a set of, or delimiters.Regional contact information is listed in the front of each Abaqus manual and is accessible prime from the Locations page.For example, 415 Abaqus ID: Printed on:.From the startup screen, select Run Script.The manual takes you through the process of understanding the Python programming language and the Abaqus Scripting Interface.There are several books on the market that prime describe Python, and these books are listed as references.For more information, see Abaqus/CAE execution, Section.2.4 of the Abaqus Analysis Users Manual, and Abaqus/Viewer execution, Section.2.5 of the Abaqus Analysis Users Manual.Abaqus scripting interface documentation style The rst line indicates that Abaqus/CAE imported the odbAccess module to make the Odb objects, methods, and members available to your Abaqus Scripting Interface script.The third line refers to a sin function. DeltaDisplacement displacement2 - displacement1 This statement subtracts the displacement eld output from the last frame of the two steps and puts more the resulting eld output into a new variable deltaDisplacement.