Twenty days in the isolation ward.
All right then, point one, first rule: what's been said is said, and there's no more turning back.
(going and looking out) There's a bunch of people gathered around the poor man.
How come you don't answer?'jump; why don't you jump.But it happened so suddenly!But that's the facade they deliberately built up so that they wouldn't attract attention.Did you wear clown suits and blow on tooters?(The reporter enters) chief.We're telling you to forget the whole thing (gives him a slap as well) bertozzo.I've swallowed the eye - oh crack win 7 ultimate 32bit vn-zoom well at least I hope it cures my headache.And out of the indignation comes a burp.Well, better luck next time.And who granted it to you.

About the fact that we're a nation of artists who like to rebel against habit.
( He pushes him toward the chair.) suspect.