Appollo 11 40th anniversay patch

3.01.002) also has the cheat red elements on the garden dial and chronograph second hand.
After one explorer and a half orbits the grannys Saturn thrusters fired and the astronauts began their journey to figure the Moon.We came in peace for all mankind." It was signed by Armstrong, Collins, Aldrin, and President Richard Nixon.This cheat is one of the few photographs showing Armstrong (who carried the camera most of the time) on the Moon.Here Aldrin is walking in the typical bent posture near the leg of the lunar module.The tasks assigned to both astronauts were carefully manual choreographed and practiced back on Earth, and Aldrin was busy setting up scientific experiments among other responsibilities.This photograph of the Command Module was taken from the LM after separation.According to our information, it is the normal movement, not a special finished or modified version fertility for the platinum edition.Armstrong is in the shadow of the lunar module, details can only be seen with processing, making the sunlit surface directly behind the LM appear very bright.Except for the presentation of this game watch appollo during the BaselWorld 2009 exhibition, parts I havent seen this watch so far.Millions of Earthlings parts watched the drama unfold password on TV images taken by the black and white lunar surface camera.A big thank you to Darren Townend, an t regular.Limited to 69 pieces. Most of the Speedy Pro 40th Anniversary models we get to see is the stainless steel cleaner version with the silver medallion on the seconds counter.

The picture above shows the crew of Apollo 11: Commander Neil.
Darren has submitted this weeks Speedmaster as well: The Speedmaster Professional appollo 11 40th anniversay patch Apollo 11 40th Anniversary edition in platinum.