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Fix: Fixed a bug where autoplay object renaming would not work when changing the objects name on the Object Properties dialog and manual the object was referenced on it's own events.
This release contains the following features and bug fixes: Feature: Added RTL support to the Grid object if the project RTL setting was turned.
Fix: Fixed an issue maestro where the Input object's 'ReadOrder' property was incorrectly being interpreted as boolean libro by the 'getProperties' and 'setProperties' actions.Fix: Fixed a bug where the last cursor position wasn't being saved in the project actions area.Fix: Fixed a couple issues in the 'py' action where the 'AbortOnFail' parameter wasn't working properly, and progress wasn't handled correctly upon failure.Fix: Fixed an issue with the ComboBox object where it wouldn't function correctly after setting the text using traicion a smaller font size.Fix: Fixed a bug where renaming a page from the properties pane failed to update maestro references to Quick Actions and Script Actions.Fix: Made it so that the xButton positioning object pays attention to the project's easyshare global RTL setting.Fix: Fixed an issue in the File Layout dialog relating to projects referenced using UNC paths.AutoPlay Media Studio.5 RePackPortable by Dodakaedr ENG RUS, 2015.AutoPlay Media Studio used 8 delivers on the promise of verdadero rapid application development.Fix: Fixed a bug where the read order of the input object was not being set properly using the tProperties and tProperties actions.Its perfect for making anything from AutoPlay CD postgresql menus and utilities to games and interactive multimedia applications complete with web interaction, database connectivity, video playback and much more.Fix: Fixed a bug where renaming objects would not update code in certain situations.Feature: Added, windows 8 compatibility guid to AutoPlay Media Studio's design and runtime manifests.Fix: Fixed a bug where changing an existing guideline's position via it's properties dialog would fail to remove it's old used position.Fix: Minor text change in the nd action xml recurse parameter description.Feature: Added support for, windows 8 based on product testing in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and Windows 8 Release Preview. Fix: Fixed a bug relating to deleting pages/dialogs table and the "Position of Dialog manual Tabs" preference where it wasn't working properly.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the 'eateObject' was not setting the width of the ComboBox object properly.