Avcore dll has encountered a problem and needs to

After trying different applications a camp message popped up that.exe is a pc file and folder Macintosh computers cannot use them.
You have the owners latest version downloaded from our dvg-gs website.
Is Technical mahabharat Support provided?Please use "Send Error Report" to liberty notify Technical Support and windows then "Close".The directory that the download will default to is C Program Files/Netscape Navigator.First of all, open one of files, copy it, and close it, and then paste it in a new-opened file.Do I have to register it again?I want the music track to be a little softer than the voice track I am overlaying.Do you produce a version of software liberty for the Mac?Does your software do this?Please go to the Audio Source page and check the settings generator (Device.).I am using Magic Music Editor.Hardware; Our software is based on video card stream, which means once the video card works fine in the computer, cracked then our software will capture streams from.(C Program Files/ Magic Video professional Converter/Directshow.It works, but only converts 10 star image seconds of each file. We will update our software with the tech advancement.
Capture video but no audio may coming from the followed 4 reasons:.
About Video Capture, it says " driver Failed to start preview".

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Parts of the music track get avcore dll has encountered a problem and needs to louder to the point I can no longer hear the voice /increase the volume.
I got the following message "Directshow source: I can't determine the frame rate of the video, you must use the "fts" parameter.