The popularity of Frank Millers visionary work of this book led to a whole new era in comics.
After "The Dark Knight Returns".This story pushed reset and Batman once yamaha 650 owners manual again became the dark, fanatic, often ruthless character he was created.Holy assclowns batman and dont forget (though I know you want TO).Issues, back to Comics Contents : Comics B : Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Vol.Rate it: Book 2/2, related series.One of the most influential graphic novels of all time, this amazing story single-handedly resurrected the character of Batman as "the Dark Knight" after the 70s and early 80s had turned him, thanks in large part to the success of the television show, into.Dude, again, oH, I GET ioker IS supposed TO bsychotic, homicidal maniac AND NOT AN understudy TO charles nelson reilly thank YOU kind SIR FOR restoring MY faith IN THE comic medium!This page contains information about, batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Volume 1).Rate it: Book 1/2, originalmente uma minissérie em 4 edições lançada.It is ten years after an aging Batman has retired and Gotham City has sunk deeper into decadence and lawlessness.The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia (2010) gave this reality the name.Following its success, comics saw the creation of very popular anti-heros like Wolverine and the Punisher, both of which were inspired by Millers version of the Dark Knight.Now as his city needs him most, the Dark Knight returns in a blaze of glory.Frank Miller, embellished by, klaus Janson and colored by, lynn Varley.5.0.5 stars.Before "The Dark Knight Returns".

It also marks Miller's first work for.