Displays the transmitting Power level (Hi Blinks during Channel scan mode.
(UP (down) buttons - Press to change channels, volume, and to select settings during programming.Battery charge at very low level.In normal mode, press and hold the and (Power) buttons first, and then quickly press the PTT button.Press down button once to re-set the timer.Using Stop Watch To reduce radio frequency exposure when you're using your In watch mode, press and hold call button for 3 Seconds.To communicate with other PMR users within range, you must all have your PMR watch tuned to the same channel.As the power is used 8 battery the bars will disappear._ PMR is an open-license band always identify yourself when transmitting, as other people may be communicating on the same channel._ PMR transmission is 'one way-at-a-time' while you are speaking, you can not receive a transmission.Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox N100, 4, 9600, seems towork ok, Problem: Full screen mode doesn't toon car full game work.By using Twitters services you agree to our.To deactivate the Key Lock feature, press and hold the button until the (Lock) icon disappears on the LCD Screen.