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Anatomy and histology 2 Gross anatomy and histology of the heart 12 3 Vascular anatomy 14 4 Vascular histology and smooth muscle cell ultrastructure.
Paediatrics at a Glance, paediatrics at a Glance This book is dedicated to our children Charlie, Mollie, Rosie Aaron, Rebecca Alysa, Katie, Ila.
Introduction 1 Overview of the cardiovascular system.Rhiannon de Wreede Author (2012 oSCEs at a Glance, at a Glance (Series adrian Blundell Author.Cellular physiology 10 Membrane potential, ion channels and pumps 28 11 Electrophysiology of cardiac muscle and origin of the heart beat 30 12 Cardiac muscle excitationcontraction coupling 32 13 Electrical conduction system in the heart 34 14 The electrocardiogram 36 15 Vascular smooth muscle excitationcontraction.Sign In, login with Facebook, our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement.We want your feedback!Urology at a Glance, at a Glance (Series hashim Hashim Editor.Prokar Dasgupta Editor (2017 eCG at a Glance, at a Glance (Series patrick Davey Author (2013) Radiology at a Glance At a Glance (Series) Rajat Chowdhury Author Iain Wilson Author (2017) Page 1 of 3 Showing 1 - 48 of 98 Next.Form and function 16 Cardiac cycle 40 17 Control of cardiac output 42 18 Haemodynamics 44 19 Blood pressure and flow in the arteries and arterioles 46 20 The microcirculation and lymphatic system, and diapedesis 48 21 Fluid filtration in the microcirculation 50 22 The.Linden Author (2013 embryology at a Glance, at a Glance (Series samuel Webster Author.Author: 65 downloads 279 Views 14MB Size.Report, recommend Documents, anatomy at a Glance, anatomy at a Glance omar faiz BSc (Hons frcs (Eng) Specialist Registrar in General Surgery david moffat VRD, MD, FRC.MRI at a Glance MRI at a Glance catherine westbrook mcrr CTC Director of Training and Education Lodestone Patien.MRI at a Glance.Linden Author (2017 mRI at a Glance, at a Glance (Series catherine Westbrook Author (2013).Blood and body fluids 5 Constituents of blood 18 6 Erythropoiesis, haemoglobin and anaemia 20 7 Haemostasis 22 8 Thrombosis and anticoagulants 24 9 Blood groups and transfusions.Richard Harrison Author (2013 embryology at a Glance, at a Glance (Series samuel Webster Author.Report "The Endocrine System at a Glance (At a Glance.Click here, filter, subjects, creators, format, page 1 of 3 Showing 1 - 48.Integration and regulation 27 Cardiovascular refl exes 62 28 Autonomic control of the cardiovascular system 64 29 The control of blood volume 66 30 Cardiovascular effects of exercise 68 31 Shock and haemorrhage 70, history, examination cs 1.6 non steam cracked and investigations 32 History and examination of the cardiovascular.