Thought you might like it, Greg Thanks, Greg, Ill check it out.
The internal pail feeder is the best.I put 3 in each hive which reduces the entrance to a small space.I'll do something else.Did you test it with water or syrup?Honey bees make honey from the nectar of flowers, but if people (like you) want to go to the store and archicad 14 wibu crack buy honey, that means it has to be taken from the bees.Thats when I switched to thickened honey or thick syrup, on newspaper on top of frames, or in paper muffin cups on the feeder floats, and manual pecan picker upper walmart eventually to dry sugar on the newspaper.I decided to try external hive top feeding, a paint can with some holes in the cover raised slightly above the top bars with some shims and then with a medium and cover over.This is my guess from pouring some water and then some syrup from containers similar to pail feeders.The feeder was inside and on top where it was away from robbers and inside the hive where it was protected and warm.Recently I tried tin foil pot-pie dishes with plastic lids; I poke holes in the tin part and then invert it and set it over the hole on the top cover.David We have used the plastic pails with a rubber seal around the inside of the lid with great success.New per-module presets and clever module Quantity Controls, consumer-definable sign routing and intensive automation help.In addition, bees at an open feeder tend to fight, leaving weak hives even weaker.If you have all these kind of feeders, arent you just using bees as a method to make a different kind sugary treat, as opposed to something natural?Dave, There are pros and cons with every system.Heat from the cluster keeps the syrup from freezing, even in fairly cold weather.After I harvested a medium super in July, I put it back on they refilled it, and I left it on all winter.However, they can create significant problems.I am also relatively new to beekeeping.I have some buckets, and I want to try making a pail feeder.Your feeder has to be totally airtight or air will get in and allow the water to seep out.