Also you probably already know the idle speed can be set even lower than before with the electric fan and you'll need to reprogram your performance chip or upgrade fundamentals of chemistry lab manual to one if you haven't yet since all the settings of the vehicle week be optimized.
M as mentioned above sells the Dodge Viper electric fan kit to be used as an add-on for international harvester cub tractor manual '98 99 Ds and replacement for '00-03.
Electric fans don't consume horsepower.Should I stick with a clutch fan?Also i may go through some water on the trails nothing too deep 2-3 feet max and don't know if this should influence my decision.The stock cooling system in a Land Rover is very good.New fans around 100 Definite.My nephew's D1 does this all the time in hot Las Vegas summers.Electric fans cool faster and are more efficient.Lot's-o-parts, not just drop in, but it does work.If needed there are the factory auxiliary fans which will kick on if needed.I have seen a few swaps to electric fans and was wondering if it is a good idea, my current fan needs a new clutch in it and the shroud/housing its toast so all together is going to be near 50 to replace, lync 2013 ipad client also the.Clutch fan replacement.Then it'll pull from the small battery or capacitor instead of the alternator and the alternator won't pull on the engine (bad for belt, mileage, horsepower and alternator) and you can put your idle speed back down.They are also cheap, easy to replace and the fan clutches last years.You may order it now and have to wait and recontact them for a month to get.Seems like it is on back order a lot.Electric fans are more expensive 50 controller 20 radiator shroud fans free, found them.So, why go to all the trouble and expense to modify something which works so well already?

It is somewhat pricey and Socaldak has forum reportedly had issues with responsiveness.
When everything is working right and maintained you can idle a Rover V8 with the a/c on in 120F temps all day and the motor will stay at around 185-95F.
Thoughts and concerns appreciated.