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A b Ahmed, Anis (8 February 2013).
86 Jamaat continues to demand that the radeon hd 3200 driver update international war crimes tribunal be stopped and its party leaders freed.
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) initially expressed its support for Jamaat-e-Islami, a political ally.20 Jamaat supporters were accused to attack the Hindu citizens and their homes in many parts of the country, and torching Hindu temples, which was denied by Jamaat-e-Islami.10 11, bloggers and online activists called for additional protests at Shahbag.67 By the end of the day thirty-five people were dead, including three police officers; 67 an additional eight hundred were injured."Shoes hurled at hearse carrying Ghulam Azam's body".124 125 Controversy edit Incited slogans edit During the movement, protesters used various kinds of slogans in Shahbag.Law enforcement officers have arrested a few of them around Shahbag, trying to disrupt the movement by creating anarchy.Supreme Court of Bangladesh."Massive sabotage feared this month".The New York Times.A b "Shahbagh grand rally demands ban on Jamaat"."Jamaat calls hartal in Ctg for tomorrow".29 International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) of 2010 edit Old High Court Building, Dhaka, where the tribunal is taking place See also: International Crimes Tribunal (Bangladesh) and International Crimes Tribunal Timeline Since 2000, there has been growing demands in Bangladesh for justice related to war crimes.44 Golam Arif Tipu was named Chief Prosecutor.Preetha, Sushmita S (7 February 2013).
"Shahbagh protest to go relentless".

This happens after Jamaat activists went on a rampage in Dhaka city, clashing with police and attacking them with bombs and stones.
At the same time, we request the pro-liberation mass media to boycott the war criminals and their accomplices.