"Rob Ford court documents reveal staffers thought prostitute was in his office, mayor was driving drunk".
Smith was killed in a shooting on the streets of downtown Toronto in March 2013.
Maybe you are but Im not.A b c Pagliaro, Jennifer (February 26, 2014).173 174 Judge Nordheimer denies the request by Khattack to view the 'crack' video.Retrieved October 31, 2013.He is seen here in June 2012.His brother Doug Ford takes his place.148 November 14 Ford threatens legal action against his former staffers and a waiter at the restaurant of the 2012.No, I'm not right now." Ford stated that he was no longer drinking and offered to take a urine test, although Black pointed out "Rob, there is absolutely no need to do a urine test right now." 192 Ford also insinuated that Toronto Star reporter.144 The new content was based on interviews with Ford staffers, who detailed drunk driving, sexual harassment, staffers buying liquor for the Mayor, the Mayor taking Oxycontin and the Mayor consorting with prostitutes.1 2, the video was retrieved in the course of an investigation of drug gangs, entitled "Project Traveller".Ton That, media file firefox plugin windows Corinne (November 14, 2013).Ford maintained that he did not tell anyone that he would file the complaint, when Lisi was arrested in October 2013.November 1315 November 13 Council asks Ford to take a leave of absence At a Toronto City Council meeting, Ford admits to having purchased illegal drugs within the past two years.132 Judge Nordheimer views the videos and reserves judgment whether jquery tutorial in tamil filetype pdf.rar to release them to Muhammad Khattak or his lawyer for viewing."Rob Ford launches media offensive in bid to control his message".The newspaper calls Bellissimo a "new character" in the video scandal, who has been involved in drugs and attended secondary school with one of the residents of the Rexdale bungalow where Ford was photographed.The data also showed that 44 of respondents without a high school diploma support Ford, while only 17 of university graduates.
3, ford consistently denied the existence of the video, and denied that he uses crack cocaine.

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