Cracked patella recovery time

cracked patella recovery time

Comminuted, displaced L patella fx, orif,brace, crutches 7/07 PT islands 9/07 Hardware removal, MUA,crutches, PT 5/08 J yamaha brace, patellofemoral arthritis, PT 12/08 action Appt w/ patella specialist: L-TTT, LR pfjr, scope,scar tissue debridement-1/26/09 8/09-RSD, PT 2/10-TTT screws removed, scar tissue debridement SparklingSeas Thank you style Heather.
I have yet to meet anyone at PT who has this injury.
Try to get your leg out straight, keeping your knee on the towel as you.Too manual bad mine runs out very soon due to my patella insurance.These cracked knees get so hot you game could fry something, don't they?At this point I have extremely medieval limited movement, regardless of how much I try. .In my head I've got a one year mark to feel completely normal.I never knew the driving would be a milestone until I read the postings on this site.PT really does help.I hope you recover fast!Got some ionto again, which is a steroid treatment, and lots of ice.I am on crutches still at 1 month post-op.Seems like there is a wealth of information and everyone seems helpful and friendly.Thank you so much!So, I was pretty happy and scampered (HA!) out of his office unbraced and on one crutch.For some insane reason my OS wolverine did this surgery as day surgery.Are cheat you elevating your knee at most times above heart level?Kneecap fractures recovery come in seam many shapes repair and sizes! Then I put my foot down to go down a concrete manual staircase and my kneecap exploded into several pieces.

I am a (young!) 52 yr old woman, slim and pretty active from the Dallas, Tx cracked patella recovery time area.
I was running 10k twice weekly again up until yesterday, when my hardware was removed.
Both have told me many times, "you'll have to be patient, things will get better".