ADJ UST THE Wl ndows volume control - Click the speaker icon in the lower-right corner of your screen.
This tool also ships with the XT2 XFR.
I C 4iQ f 4* 2:43 PM Hovering over the icon with your pointer displays the firmware version number.
Route the black and grey cable from the front end of the RF Passthru so they sit under the retention tab and lay within the memory door opening.(See mini-card chapter for reference).Page 6 of 94 Version A00-01 Dell Latitude XT2 XFR Service Manual.1.2 Tablet Mode Your XT2 XFR converts from notebook mode to tablet mode with a 180-degree clockwise twist of the display's rotating hinge.Connect any telephone or network cables to your XT2 XFR.Page 54 of 94 Version A00-01 Dell Latitude XT2 XFR Service Manual.Remove the cover from the Hot Swappable Module bay.Follow the procedures in removing the palm rest before continuing.For more information regarding the configuration of your XT2 XFR, click Start w(or Start in Windows XP)- Help and Support, and then select the option to view information about your XT2 XFR.Lift the cover up from the left side using the grip tab.If a "Down Arrow" appears over the USB icon for the device, then the device is installed but needs to be enabled.If a 'Yellow Bang" appears on the device, then the drivers should be reinstalled.Click Start W and click Computer.The control automatically returns to the center/ neutral position when released.

Tablet I nput Tool used to input data via pen or touch that takes the place of a keyboard.