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The bullgear fruity is a straight bros cut gear that now rides on bushings.In addition to selling you the manual designed just for your engine, you can also easily locate the tools that are needed to work on your engine.Series 60 2002 Engines are equipped with a new Compact Gear Train A ssembly.With our extensive range of manuals, you can rest assured that we stellar have the instructional garmin booklets that you are searching for, and we are ready to ship it to you regardless of where you are located.Thisbyinstallingthecrankshaft timing activation pin J 45947 into its bracket and the barring engine over by hand until the timing pin drops into the locating hole in the crankshaft, the engine is now at TDC on cylinder.1.If manual you need to make a repair or an upgrade to your vehicle's engine, you do not have to second guess yourself about how the engine works.REF.:.23 engine: 60 date: December 2002.There are manuals available for almost every engine type available, and you can begin searching for the manual for your engine through our website.Essential bolt tightening torques are main bearing cap bolt torque, connecting rod cap bolt torque and the cylinder head bolt torques.You need club membership for your engine manuals or parts books.Subscribe crack for Membership if you need manuals continually or, take a one grammar week membership window if you only need manuals for a specific engine.For example, for each engine model, activation you can find tools like a flaring for an injector tube installation, an injector timing tool, a fuel filter removal wrench, a piston ring tool, a removal wrench, an impeller puller and others.Diesel Pro Power, you can order Detroit Diesel engine manuals for an extensive range of engines, including 6-71, 12V71 and more. All of our manuals and other products are available for worldwide shipping.