If one can rebuild his own injectors he can save hundreds of dollars over having a shop install new or rebuilt units.
I did this with the writing of this manual.
It covers injectors in 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 190D 300SDL 350SD and 350SDL models as well as others of the same period.
It covers the following topics and is illustrated with 40 pictures and bound with a smudge resistant cover: Tools required, how to remove them from your engine and replace them.SVO / WVO cautions 10 copies of Kent's testing chart to be used during bench testing.Injector parts breakdown, pressure specifications, advantages of Monark injector nozzles, resources for testers and adjusting shims.Now there is no reason not to overhaul and service your fuel injectors yourself (see below for pressure tester).Short of catastrophic failure they just don't want to die.How to bench test them for proper sealing and release pressure.Fuel injector failure is very subtle.And finally, I have delivered on my promise to produce an inexpensive injector balance tester that can be easily set up and used by the home mechanic.How to determine if up utilities 2006 crack they are worn out.Look below to order.If not we offer one at a great price.
I have been able to do this with the high quality German Monark injector nozzles that we import and now sell on our website (type nozzle in the search box to view all Monark nozzles).