I have no idea what the legal name is for that stuff.
Pink, the slipcover whisperer. .
I looked for it everywhere, writing down anywhere I thought it could maybe.
People, this is life changing!Chit and chat and dont even get your sewing machine out because you are too busy laughing and hiding and acting like a crazy woman.Make sure you have a fearless leader I choose.Realize that about half the people you invited are somehow professional sewers who could or do make a living sewingallow them to be smart and make all the decisions for you.Pink is the perfect example. .I think and that includes a break for lunch and talking and stuff and Twiggy and Carrie had to run out and buy some more supplies. .Think about whether or not you swept the kitchen floor.When we slip covered my chai r a few months ago, there was no bias cutting whatsover and it has been fine. .Not only that, if you have never slipcovered anything before and need some guidance, Pink from Pink and Polka Dot has an ebook availableThe Lazy Girls Guide to Custom Slipcovers. .And remember, you can use any kind of fabric, it doesnt have to be white.But time is running out.But, they take turns going to one of their homes and working on a project. .Drape info coming soon, one of the questions I get asked the most is what to do with an old raggety sofa. .We didnt use a bias cut for the body or cushions of the slipcover but we did for the cording fabric cover. .Whats amazing is that each one of these cushions was made by a different person. .Invite 10 willing participants to your home, supply 30 yards of white fabric I found mine at Mary Jos for.99/yd look poor Lily is on the floor in a dress!The crack code for nero 11 10 girls I invited over worked from about 10ish until about 4:30. .No Dork Diary collection is complete without this boxed set of Dork Diaries #4, #5, and #6!Its the biggest dance of the year and I am hoping my crush, Brandon, (shhhh!) wants to be my date.So if you have 3 friends over on a Saturday, you could knock out a slipcover for a sofa in a day unless you have a huge sectional like mine. .Meanwhile, my BFFs Chloe and Zoey, my annoying little sister Brianna, my crush Brandon (sighhh and mean girl MacKenzie are all involved in the search for my real diary, with plenty of adventures along the way!
Losing your diary is the worst!

We no longer have ANY excuse to settle for a sofa that we dont like or looks like it went through the shredderslip covering is the new retail! .