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Group 1: a well-known 1024-bit group.
Unlike time-based rekeys, data-based rekeys won't occur when the SSH connection is idle, so they shouldn't cause the same problems.The Features configuration panel allows you to disable some of PuTTY's more advanced terminal features, in case they cause trouble.However, ticking Auto should always give you a port which you can connect to using either protocol.On Windows, the first serial line is called COM1, and if there is a second it is called COM2, and.PuTTY proper will send modes that it has an opinion on (currently only the code for the Backspace key, erase).Erase is the character that when typed by the user will delete one space to the left.PuTTY attempts to emulate the Unix xterm program, and by default it reflects this by sending xterm as a terminal-type string.4.24.5 Miscomputes SSH-2 encryption keys Versions below.0.11 of the SSH server software from m compute the keys for the session encryption incorrectly.A few notable character sets are: The ISO-8859 series are all standard character sets that include various accented characters appropriate for different sets of languages.If you find that accented characters are not showing up the way you expect them to, particularly if you're running BitchX, you could try disabling the remote character set configuration commands.11.1, team fortress 2 multiplayer tpb Section.12.3 UDP: Section.26 Unicode: Section.6.10, Section.10.1, Section.10.4, Section.10.5 uninstalling: Question.8.2 Unix: Section.4, Section.4.1, Section.14.3, Section.24.1, Section.2.14, Section.18, Question.7.15 Unix version of PuTTY tools: PuTTY User Manual, Question.3.2 -unsafe pscp.If you have a private key in another format that you want to use with PuTTY, see section.2.12.With it turned off, cursor coordinates are counted from the top of the whole screen regardless of the scrolling region.Note that if you are doing DNS at the proxy, you should make sure that your proxy exclusion settings (see section.15.2 ) do not depend on knowing the IP address of a host.In VT100 mode, the function keys generate ESC OP through to ESn SCO mode, the function keys F1 to F12 generate ESC M through to ESC.Forbid resizing completely: the terminal will refuse to be resized at all.4.4.8 Control-Alt is different from AltGr Some old keyboards do not have an AltGr key, which can make it difficult to type some characters.In normal mode, the keypad behaves like a normal Windows keypad: with NumLock on, the number keys generate numbers, and with NumLock off they act like the arrow keys and Home, End etc.4.24.7 Misuses the session ID in SSH-2 PK auth Versions below.3 of OpenSSH require SSH-2 public-key authentication to be done slightly differently: the data to be signed by the client contains the session ID formatted in a different way.Key exchange occurs at the start of an SSH connection (and occasionally thereafter it establishes a shared secret that is used as the basis for all of SSH's security features.
XON/xoff: flow control is done by sending XON and xoff characters within the data stream.

On a Unix server, this selects an entry from the termcap or terminfo database that tells applications what control sequences to send to the terminal, and what character sequences to expect the keyboard to generate.