(ml) Learning Chocolate - many categories of vocabulary with pictures.
Cleft palate/VPI, augmented and, alternative Communication, autism Spectrum Disorders.
A few examples are below as well as an extensive list from an excellent English as a Second Language site.
American Academy of Family Physicians site provides many excellent handouts (familydoctor.They're windows xp embedded sp3 iso all free." KinderTown claims to help find the best educational apps for kids ages 3 to 6 (m) or download it free Facebook, Linkedin, diigo, and Listserv Groups iTeach Special Education - iDevices in Special Education - an open Facebook group with more than.Org has many links to explore for materials.Fish, (ml) linked to Amazon.(m 321 Coloring Pages (m Twisty Noodle - lots of nice coloring pages and worksheets arranged in themes - for preschool though first grade.By Lisa LaSalle a 45 minute narrated PPT or PPT slides alone (ml) David Daly's Predictive Cluttering Inventory (ICA site) Additional information available at Daly, David, Cluttering: Characteristics Identified as Diagnostically Significant by 60 Fluency Experts (online conference) Computer Aided Assessment of Cluttering Severity.(p) Concentration/Memory cards from dltk (m) Custom Dominoes from dltk (m) Story builder (p) Story Maker (m) Story-Making Machine (p) has simple stories and poems which can have specific target sounds highlighted.Eric Sailer's Resources includes his 24-page PDF on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps for (Special) Education is mixed in key 5.5 full version a treasure as is his iPAD Apps and Accessories for Special Needs Jane Farrall's iPads in Special Education Apps For Speech Therapy, a blog by Mirla Raz.Disordered Prosody and Articulation in Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech by Amy Meredith.Has several free downloads (Australian).Additional online resources for regulating/slowing down the rate of speaking, which may be appropriate for clients who clutter.Primary Resources (m) from the UK has lots of resources, including Kids Online Resources (m includes links to free downloads (ml) including [email protected] puzzle promo creator - PC only (m) and Kinder Planet - (m) - most for PC, created in 1998 so may not.Wwild invites teachers and students adapt or customize any PPT game in the wwild Team database (p).(ml) Rhyming words match (ml) phrase level Plural nouns - combine numbernoun (ml) Things to sort (fo/dLoad_ml#download) - living animals, plants, nonliving, solid, liquid, gas Memory matching games on quia (ml) Prepositional phrases - The clock is _ the wall.(m) Grammar Fred Jehle - extensive information on Spanish grammar (M).Youtub) - a video by Nina Reeves MS, CCC-SLP, "discusses five ways speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can enhance generalization of therapy concepts and skills in children who stutter." Fluency Tool Box for Stuttering (ml) - nice graphics from Mrs.Resources to Learn Spanish has a grammar section (m).Crossword Puzzle Maker (i) XWord puzzle generator xword/generator/ Word Search generators Award maker generators Additional generators Word List Generator (t) creates words lists with various CV structures, including sized for flashcards.Hangman (p) Collective nouns and a whole lot more (ml) Words and Pictures (tml) many activities from the BBC.Hurley's ESL Smartboard Favorites (ml) Smart Exchange lesson plans for your smart board (ml?
(m) Cody's Cuentos produces free podcasts of classic fairytales and children's poems translated into Spanish and read by a professional storyteller.

For example ESL Fun Games Online (ml) for a variety of interactive games and exercises as well as many printable, and ESL Exercises Online: Interactive Materials for Learners (m A Web Whiteboard - online whiteboard app that lets you use your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Be sure to check the flashcards here (nythings.
Cluttering: A Clinical Perspective Leicester: FAR Communications.