Copy/Paste between Parameter Lists iTools.30 included a problem which prevented copy and paste of values between parameter lists in iTools Engineering Studio.
These include automatic scaling of multiple 2604/2704 plots so that all plots can be shown simultaneously to best effect.
OPC Scope OPC Scope is enhanced with new two options allowing: (i) log files to record item quality and timestamp data, and (ii) charted data points to be connected using stepped lines rather than ramps.
Please note that iterm is aimed at experienced users xbox 360 hex editor of iTools, and is not needed for general use.All three languages are supported by a single build of iTools, with translation performed at runtime.Changes since Version.77, changes since Version.76, changes since Version.75.EPack Power Controller iTools now supports the EPack 2 and 3 Phase version.00.ITools Report Wizard The iTools Print facility (iTools Report Wizard) now allows access to 'hidden' device lists, such as those included in the 3200 series Flash Memory editor.A new Product Key may be entered after installation, by selecting 'Registration Information.' from the Help menu in iTools.It is expected that future versions of these products will implement Modbus TCP in a way which is entirely backwards compatible with version.6, so that these too should be supported by this iTools version.Programmer Editor The Programmer Editor is updated for 3500 version 2 release, including dual programmer modes.There was also a problem with setting up of Call segments during 2400 series off-line configuration.There are two known manifestations of this problem: the communications may stop for the above period with no message from iTools, or you may observe messages similar to the following during cloning: Warning: Unsuccessfully retried 101 times to read Modbus tag.Visibility of OPC Server The iTools OPC Server, responsible for all iTools device communications, is now made invisible by default.Both formats have been optimized for loading into Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications.DDE server in OPC Scope This little-used feature of OPC Scope has been removed.Serial Ports used by iTools During execution of the iTools Setup program, the user is asked to specify which of the computer's serial (COM) ports will be used by iTools.
Note: Installation must be performed by a user having Administrator privileges.

ITools is supplied only on CD-ROM, or as a download from the Eurotherm web site.
Versadac Previous versions of iTools included a problem where access to versadac devices from iTools could fail on systems using some non-European locales.