exit a manual fsck must be performed

After performing system maintenance, press control-D.
Exit Save settings and restart.
If there are any errors rerun fsck -yf /dev/sda1.
A manual fsck must be performed, then the system restarted.The root filesystem is currently mounted in read-only mode.Binary package hint: sysvinit, when mounting the rootfs fails because of fsck exiting with error code 4 the user sees a message advanced accounting solutions manual chapter 3 that he/she needs to manually run a file system check.Fsck exited with status code.dev/sda6: unexpected inconsistency; RUN fsck manually.A maintenace shelll will now be started.Log_failure_ msg "An automatic file system check (fsck) of the root filesystem failed.Booting into recovery mode (and use the fsck option there) does not work either because the is still run and drops to a [email protected] -320,9 320,10 @ # Surprise!A non-expert is left in the dark at this point how to restore his system.The fsck should be performed in maintenance mode with the root filesystem mounted in read-only mode." log_failure_msg "Please run "fsck rootdev" manually to fix the problem." log_warning_ msg "The root filesystem is currently mounted in read-only mode.From there, you should be able to drop to some maintenance shell (if not already opened where you may run fsck -yf /dev/sda1.I would like to improve the error output to contain instructions what the user needs to do, something like: - sysvinit-.86.ds1/ debian/ initscripts/ etc/init.A maintenance press control-d to ter minute the maintenance shell and restart the system (warning) Give root password for maintenance an automatic file system check (fsck) of the root file system failed a manual fsck must be perfomed then the system restarted.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your manuales haynes jetta a3 experience and to keep you logged in if you register.After performing system maintenance, press control-D to terminate the maintenace shell adn restart the system.By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.In addition we may consider ignoring this failure and continue booting in ro-mode when the user selects the recovery option and/or check for /usr/share/ recovery- mode/recovery- menu and use that in favor of sulogin (if available).The fsck shoud be perfometed in maintenance mode with root filesystem mounted in read- only mode.
Sysvinit-.86.ds1/ debian/ initscripts/ etc/init.

The root filesystem on /dev/sda6 requires a manual fsck.