Fips 10-4 country codes

fips 10-4 country codes

Country-or-territory Codes for Top-Level Domain names (ccTLD star as used on wars the DNS system of the Internet and listed in the iana database.
Fips-10 See also: fips The fips-10 code is game now deprecated (its defining US standard has been withdrawn and should no longer be used).ISO 3166-2 defines codes organic for the names of the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states).Identification of vehicles and transport regulation The identification of road vehicles travelling abroad requires displaying a crack plate or sign showing another country code which may also be different manual from the ISO real 3166-1 standard (e.g.The remaining 3 letters are used for a specific location in that country.Other codes There are about 200 states and territories, among which 194 are full UN members, internationally recognized as independant states.Fips PUB 10-4: Federal Information Processing Standard 10-4: Countries, Dependencies, Areas of Special Sovereignty, and Their Principal Administrative Divisions, April 19, Edition 7, Amendment.Universal Postal Union (UPU) The Universal Postal Union standard body defines codes for countries or territories that are sometimes different from ISO 3166-1: some countries have a 1-letter code which is still preferred on postal addresses (before the national postal code or zip code).The ITU also defines other codes for regional identification of various communication operators in its glad database, including for the aerial guide and maritime navigation and related equipements and systems.Some of them, covering international areas, are integrated in other standards (notably by ietf BCP 47 in its associated iana database, as region subtags for use in locale tags, after the initial subtag defined for a language code or the code of a group.Retrieved from " ".International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the.164 standard The ITU-T standard.164 is used for the international phone plans, and references the country calling codes.UN.49 pool numeric codes defined for individual countries and territories are also part of the ISO 3166-1 code as an alternative to their 2-letter codes (but they must not be used in BCP 47 locale tags, or as country codes in OpenStreetMap feature tags: use.It is given a name oriented towards an American description of the territory.Government by the Geopolitical Entities, Names, and Codes (genc which is based.SE is the country code for Sweden independantly of the language used, but the ISO 639-1 code for independantly of the country where the language is used).From OpenStreetMap Wiki, jump to: legend navigation, search, iSO wars 3166-1 defines codes for the names of countries, dependent suzuki territories, and special areas of geographical interest.United Nations.49 The.49 standard extends aerio the set windows of country codes with codes 3-digit region codes.Key:phone#Support for multiple countries.See Countries, languages and currencies: names, codes and listing order (development project for point 7 of the Interinstitutional style guide, Rev. Warnings: Do not confuse the ISO 3166-1 alpha2 codes with 2-letter.
Both types of codes may be present simultaneously (but with a different syntax) as subtags within standard BCP 47 tags for identifying locales (not just languages).

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Code, short-form name, yM, yemen, resources edit, the fips 10-4 country codes complete standard can be found at: Updates to previous version of the standard (before fips-10 was withdrawn in September 2008) are at: Updates to the standard since September 2008 are at:.
Anguilla, aY, aQ, antarctica, aC, aG, antigua and Barbuda.