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The cable usualy brakes at the junction.(Part No: 119842).21 Ford Water Pump Replacement Kit - This water crack a safe with water pump replacement kit includes cdpn8501A water pump with gasket, B2NN8575A Thermostat, 2N8260 upper hose, 8N8286 lower hose, 8N8620 fan belt (for generators or alternators 4 hose clamps, and clamp key.(Part No: C7NN3A674F) 481.62 Ford Oil Pump Relief Plunger Spring - Oil Pump Relief Plunger Spring.How do I get the cover off without making the problem worse?(Part No: C3NN6621A).11 Ford Hydraulic Pump for Loader - Part Description: Pump, Hydraulic For 730 loader, 735 loader.This is one time you add far more then you need.Louis smith wrote on Monday, August 06, 2001 (PDT I have a 1959 Ford Deisel select-o-matic with transmission problems.May also be symphony x books pdf guitar tabs in a (Part No: EAF66646D).25 Ford Oil Pump Drive Shaft, Slotted.Has 2 tapped mount holes 38 diameter, 4-316 center to center.Has always been stored inside.Tractor Pulverizer, Yard Tool, Southern 72" Single Roller Big Tooth Free shipping within 1,000 miles!(Part No: 87800490) 151.80 Ford Water Pump - This water pump comes with gasket, without backplate.(Part No: F0NN600BB) 631.19 Ford Hydraulic Pump - For tractor models TW10, TW, TW5, TW15, TW20.For tractor models (1910, and up ( to 21999).As far as tranny problems; alot of times it's only the selector handle out of adjustment and not engageing intended "notch" correctly.Fred Cain 3 Point Hitch Boom Pole, In Stock for Immediate shipment.(Part No: E1NN6600CC).28 Ford Water Pump - Water pump includes 4 12 inch pulley.Center pilot hole 3-14 diameter.