Garmin gps 40 manual

Page 33: Map Page 40 font rev boss B 8/6/98 1:46 PM offline Page 27 Reference mininova Routes The manual GPS 40s route navigation feature lets you plan and.
If you are missing any parts, please contact your dealer immediately.Page 41: Units of Measure 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:47 PM manuale Page 35 Reference Moving Map: To review the definition page for a money waypoint On-Screen.Your GPS unit searches for these sig- nals, and locks on to as many as eight satellite signals for con- tinuous tracking.1 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:20 PM driver Page.Although the GPS 40 is a precision electronic NAVigation AID (navaid any navaid can be misused or misinterpreted, and therefore become unsafe.Page 27: driver Routes 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:46 PM Page 21 Reference Waypoint The last of the three waypoint management Definition pages.Page 66 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:49 PM Page 60 Appendix H Sky View Steering Guidance Sun and Distance Calculation.18 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:45 PM Page 12 Getting Started manuale Now that youve arrived home, scroll Page Sequence through the main pages of the GPS.Page empires 20: Waypoint List Page 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:45 PM Page 14 Getting Started Keypad Usage The GPS 40s two-speed thumbkey allows convenient, one-handed.Use the GPS 40 at your own risk.8 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:44 PM Page 2 Introduction GPS Overview What is GPS?13 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:45 PM Page 7 Getting Started The GPS 40s Status Page provides a visual refer- Status ence of satellite acquisition and position.Page 38: Setup Pages 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:47 PM Page 32 Reference Editing Routes and On-Route Once youve selected a waypoint from the.Press the key to conrm torent your time offset.Page 58: Wrist Strap Attachment 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:48 PM Page 52 Appendix D Map Datums zenoah The following list shows the 102 map datums.Once youve acquired a position, mark garmin it as a waypoint.Page 45 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:47 PM Page 39 Reference Screen Display The GPS 40 features adjustable screen contrast Tone.11 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:44 PM Page 5 driver Introduction Basic Denitions The diagram below provides a graphic illustration of some navigation terms and concepts used in GPS navigation.Page 51: Appendix CTime Offset Chart 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:48 PM Page 45 Reference Beacon To enter a dgps beacon frequency: Receiver Data. Page 39: Tone manual Setup 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:47 PM Page 33 Reference Moving Map The GPS 40 features a powerful moving map Page.
Page 7 40 rev B 8/6/98 1:44 PM Page 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents section ONE Getting Started GPS Overview.