Stuff that makes it hard to stay afloat day-to-day, let alone find the time and space to think bigger.
If you're at all familiar with GTD you know that David Allen does not tell you which tools to use-GTD is tool agnostic-so those choices are up to you.
Here are some common red-flags: Next actions you cant action If you couldnt or shouldnt do it now, crack a game of thrones genesis put it in your Plans, Ticklers or on your Someday list; Folders containing one folder or document Use as few layers and folders as possible to get.
Use the space to think big picture GTD will quickly buy you a lot of mental and physical space.All these tools are simply means to an end.Comments (-1 kerr School Supplies 2018-19.pdf 310.45 KB (Last Modified on May 17, 2018).These energy killers are the fuel that fire GTD.But the act of clarifying what stuff in your life is and the next thing you can do about it is magic.And it turns out that doing is easy.And Shin, besides being a brilliant manager and leader, was a master trainer in hoshin kanri as its called at Toyota.Based on the clarification above, you might: Do : Check calendar and rsvp by email to let Mike know youll be there ( 2 mins and Add the details of Mikes birthday to your calendar ( 2 mins, time-critical).Now, open up your note taking tool and put the following headings at the top of four new notes: Waiting for A list of all things you are waiting for from others; Next actions A list of every doable next action to progress an outcome;.Instead, every thing you can do to make progress is funnelled to: Your calendar, and Your single master-list of next actions.Instead: Take a deep breath.To help grind your way through steps 2 and 3, stick closely to the following rules: Always start with the top item on the pile.
Tidy : Add Be a great friend on Mikes birthday (28 Apr) to your Outcomes list (as a reminder to set new next actions when the current ones are done File Mikes physical invitation (that youll need to show on the night) in your April.
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