Changed Panic key now disables the HUD text.
Version.54 (realfreaky's Edit) Added Support for tires Support for trailers Added mini-map support for single player (and MTA).This should prevent you from get banned by the anti HP cheat script.Added toggleable vehicle collisions except for your vehicle.Fixed possible crash in the mini-map.Version, fixed SA-MP anticheat patch, version.Version intel aa a27218-204 manual Removed the hook version.Added toggleable GUI from the menu (Misc - Toggle HUD indicators).Version Support for SA-MP.3a.Basic_mode setting, used to initialize with no SA-MP cheats.Added option "Weapons - Randomize the ammo values".Log on start up Vehicle HP bar Give HP/Armor Change gravity Fixed Hex viewer no longer crashes in single player mode GTA cheat patches are now persistent Fixed "perfect handling" memory address Fixed force_hour menu toggle Version.3b "anti admin freezing" patch disabled by default.
Fixes to Jumper vehicle teleporting.