hayes ford mustang manual transmission fluid

It was discontinued after cracked zune lcd screen the 1969-model year.
Rumor has it they're a hard to find part, and a challenge to swap out. .The day I picked up the wagon the Thunderbird started running poorly.I got a battery hold-down kit off ebay somewhere and now things look much better: after picture.I'm taking it in to get the cracked windshield replaced and a gas fume problem tracked down this week.The car has approx.The car has some horrible blind spots due to the broad rear pillars - style over function.But if you want to contact us and talk about our car, or your car, or offer us parts or money, please do!It's headed to the shop soon to see what manual 0 60 times all cars the problem.And my new front tires were badly worn on the inside, though it had been aligned when I'd gotten the tires at Firestone.Or get a whole rebuilt C6 transmission: m Perogie Enterprises has NOS Exhaust Manifolds.You can't find the right hand mirrors for the T-bird for less than 300, if the person knows what they've got.The guy had gotten it from a body shop after a repaint that went unpaid.The leak that oozes into the passenger floor every time it rains is getting worse, so before winter comes I'd like to have that taken care of!Various people in the group said they had a tough time getting this done.You have to drill a hole in the rear deck lid and holes in the tail lamp panel in the trunk, then connect everything.I haven't done any more woodwork or tiki efforts this spring, but it's on the To Do list.
At the time, I had a Mac and I didn't want the Windows.