Honda outboard motor manual

To return the from engine to the game normal RUN position, move the tilt lever away from you until it stops, tilt the engine slightly, then lower the engine slowly.
And using this Safety Messages preceded by a safety alert symbol and one of outboard motor safely is parts an important three signal words, danger, warning, or caution.
15 11/03/17 10:34:01 31ZY2630_014 controls AND features component AND control locations engine cover power tilt switch engine cover latch cooling system indicator tilt lock lever engine OIL drain bolt (inside cover) stern product bracket identification idle port number manual anode relief flush port valve connector.Your safety and the safety of others are very important.If the plate is missing or you can't locate it you can use holland the Reference Chart you can see on latest this page.Once you have the ID number simply select your outboard's year of manufacture on this main Honda parts page, then select the model that corresponds to you outboard's ID number to be taken to the correct Honda marine parts page for that exact outboard model.Caution: Operation of the outboard motor at an altitude lower than the carburetor is jetted for may result in unload reduced performance, overheating, and serious engine damage caused by an excessively.ean air/fuel mixture.7 11/03/17 10:32:59 31ZY2630_006 contents servicing your outboard motor.You can also save money by taking advantage of our offer of free shipping on all qualifying orders within the US, so be sure to check out our shipping policy.41 ) iacd and ON position cleaner when released from the the emergency stop switch clip is in Ignition Switch start position.DY - cleaner 2000, d1 - 2001, d2 - 2002, d3 - 2003.58 Spark Plug Service 70 THE importance OF maintenance.If this is your case, use the full-screen view mode by clicking on the appropriate button.Stop the engine and put the shift lever into neutral.Manufacturer: Honda, category of Device: Outboard Motor, document: Honda Outboard Motor parts BF5A Owner's Manual, File Type: PDF.For such cases, we have provided the ability grannys to quickly print your Honda Outboard Motor steam BF5A instructions by pressing just manual one button "Print manual where you can print full document holland or individual pages, you need.D1, l H, s holland A, special Features, p - Power Thrust, blank - Regular Prop.Print version: For many users is not comfortable to read large and voluminous documents on a computer or tablet screen.8 11/09/14 13:21:47 31ZY2630_007 contents transporting 89 technical 103 with outboard motor Serial Number Locations 103 installed ON 89 Battery 104 with outboard motor Emission Control System Information.The use of replacement parts which are not of equivalent quality may damage the motor.The ID number is stamped on a plate that is affixed beside or directly to the motor's stern bracket. Recommended Oil: API standard (G L-4 or G L-5) SAE 90 outboard motor gear oil Oil capacity:.23 II (0.49 US pt), » All Honda manuals Comments (0) Related Manuals for Honda 75 Outboard Motor Manual.
Oil capacity:.8 R (0.85 US qt) OIL filler CAP screw caution: Used motor oil may cause skin cancer if repeatedly left in con- tact with the skin for prolonged periods.
9 11/03/17 10:33:13 31ZY2630_008 outboard motor safety important safety Operator Responsibility Attach the emergency stop switch information lanyard securely to the operator.

13 11/03/17 10:33:37 31ZY2630_012 outboard motor safety Canadian honda outboard motor manual Types Honda outboard motor is designed to give safe and dependable service if operated according to instructions.
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