Hi I have installed Fedora Linux on my hp 4310s laptop and hitman absolution crack only skidrowgames net I dont see any wifi hotspots.
When I go into settings, it won't let me turn on the WiFi.
On the HP 431, the WiFi is on the F12 key, but no combination of buttons will turn it green (constantly orange).Actually, with one button- Wi-Fi on/off.Interestingly, on the Probook, if I go to "Settings/Network" pressing the WiFi switch seems to turn on and off Airplane mode, but still no WiFi with or without airplane mode being pressed.AMD Radeon HD 7570M, c core i5 3340m 12gb ram Doom 2016 12 fps / 102x768.Despite of this the button works.Anyway, didn't help, still no WiFi and orange button.If I try xev, the event tester doesnt show anything-it seems I don't push.On the 431 it at least sees there is a WiFi adapter, but under the wireless sign, "WiFi is disabled" is shown but is grey and can't be changed.If I try to make a new action in keyboard shortcut settings- it doesn't see I push this button in a hope to change it's assignment.How can I configure this button or the whole panel?On the Probook, the hard WiFi button on the right of the keyboard is orange (meaning off).Pressing it doesn't help.Have installed Ubuntu.04 on an old HP Probook 5310m a HP 431.I can supply more information, but you may need to instruct this noob into how to get.Or what driver I must install manually?In windows everything works fine, but in Ubuntu every time I turn to network and make some actions (e.g., it's happening while I'm writing this message) this button goes crazy.The system doesn't even seem to see that the pc has a WiFi adapter.I installed it from USB stick and overwrote Windows.I have a problem with quick launch keyboard buttons on hp probook 4310s and ubuntu.10.I am not a skilled Linux user ans as far as i can understand i have a problem with driver in Fedora (yesterday i installed Elementary OS and did not have this problem).
Everything looks good except, WiFi doesn't work on either computer.
I've tried running rfkill unblock all in the terminal, but am unsure if I did correctly (how can I tell if I'm "running as root"?).