Tech NLG Member 1000 Post Total Karma Storms: 288 Offline Gender: Posts: first check the wiring going into the transport, when you pull the transport out there is a plug on the top, left, rear. .
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West Coast Events West of the Mississippi.Is the stacker box cash can completely and firmly inserted (don't be afraid to be a little firm when you insert it)?I am new to NLG, and I am also the new owner of my very own slot machine (first of many to come!).You have to convert that file into normal sl loney coordinate geometry ebook file.I was concerned it may be the head of the BV, although if I open the head, place a dollar in, close it, and then power on the machine, general health safety and environment pdf it will immediately spit it out.Staz: I see no dipswitches anywhere on my transport, should there be?«Last Edit: May 08, 2011, 07:43:32 PM by poppo» Logged knagl Global NLG Site Moderator.I got a good deal on the machine from a local guy who needed to get rid of it (I like to think I got a great deal at least!) but there was two issues when I got the machine.Published by 2k Sports, developed by Yukes Visual Concepts, multiplayers.It's easy not to have the legs, latched properly.I know it is activated, as I just got finished installing the BV/Denom set chip, and it was already on 9-1.The two green wires: they went to a switch located underneath the lock opening.I would really love to use bills in this machine, but I have exhausted the extent of my knowledge on the machine.
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I am going to try this when I get home in an hour, but I was just curious.
I don't think so, but it won't hurt to short it together (twist the two ends together). .