Inon s2000 user guide

The Inon S2000 is small, tiny.
Batteries used for testing specifications eneloop battery sanyo eneloop, HR-3UTG,.2V, Min.1,900mAh, Typ.2,000mAh.Operation: Make sure strobe is pointed towards subject.If administrator you have any questions please contact Aquaventure Dive Photo Center (763).With the diffuser on, the S2000 strength was 1 1/2 stops below.Advanced application of "S-TTL" Auto print to crack control shadow of a manual subject.Using the strobe in good Manual Mode.The strobe will simply slave off another strobe or flash, as crack long as the receiver can "see" the flash.Then attach sync cord to strobe and housings to 5-pin sync connector.When the Inon S2000 is used in manual mode (turn the left user switch to "M the magnet switch is used to tell the strobe whether to ignore pre-flashes or not.1.6 seconds minimum: Alkaline batteries.5500K flash light, without a diffuser 5400K flash light, with supplied -0.5 white diffuser.Configure another D-2000 Series / D-180 Series / Z-240 as External Auto crack Operating Strobe.For digicams without a pre-flash insert the Advance Cancel instruments Circuit Switch (magnet on D-2000 S-2000).Compatiblity, batteries good AA eneloop (BK-3MCC) recommended.AA NiMH x 4 good quality 7 AA Alkaline x 4, AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4 *Manganese batteries not compatible, dimensions / Weights, crack manual dimensions Diameter: smile 64mm /.5in.Will NOT work with electrical sync cord connection camera Settings: Set cameras flash to force flash.S-2000, jAN code:, world's Smallest, Best Strobe, guide number 20, beam angle 105 95 without a diffuser, circular 110 light distribution with a diffuser, digital camera compatible highly accurate S-TTL Auto and 12 step Manual mode, rich and fundamental performance is filled in ultra-compact body.Flash output compensation using.Install magnet to deactivate the Advanced Cancel Circuit Switch Set Main Mode Switch to M position Turn EV Control Switch to full to achieve a full powered flash dump (full position always overrides EV Controller setting) note: * make sure THE strobes optical sensor CAP. Setting up inon Z-240/D-2000/S-2000 Series using a fiber optic cable with point shoot dslr housings with optical port.
450 flashes: smile eneloop batteries 6).
This is a great feature.

Fine adjustments to the S-TTL exposure can be made by turning the main dial to the left A inon s2000 user guide or right B one click.
Height:.1mm /.3in.