Collins joins computer group.
How to move 400 lbs of HP equipment wagon train.
Planning process, using bubble charts, company visualization, accounting model.
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8901A Modulation Analyzer, 8754A Network Analyzer, 3771A/B Data Line Analyzer, 1742A and 1744A Oscilloscopes, FET-based power supplies, 3325 Synthesizer/Function Generator, 239A Low Distortion Oscillator, 3467A Logging Digital Multimeter, 214B and 8160A Pulse Generator, 7225A and 7245A Recorders/Plotters, 53 Frequency Counters; new computer strategy; System.
Hewlett from the president's desk - management meeting, management by objective, management philosophy, MBO.

PC board design tool, digiraster, increases productivity, efficiency.
Then again put memory on the board.
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