jabsco manual marine toilet troubleshooting

After use, keep the Flush Control Shut ( ) and pump until the bowl is empty.
If waste is slow to empty out of the bowlor comes back into the bowl on every upstroke of the handleits likely that the joker valve on your discharge elbow is faulty.
If youre finding yourself unclogging your discharge line more often than youd like, there are some steps you can take to prevent having to perform this unpleasant task.
A typical rebuild kit for a manual marine head, including discharge flapper valve, joker valve, inlet/outlet flapper, discharge flapper, and other critical seals.Secure the pump assembly to the base whilst relieving any leverage from the discharge hose.Rebuild kits are at the bottom of the parts list.If wrapping your lips around a dirty hose isnt your thing, you can use an inflatable dinghy pump or a shop vacuum set up to reverse flow to try and unclog.If, cad dwg version converter for any reason, anti-freeze is used it must be glycol based.Slide the whole assembly back into the pump cylinder and tighten in place.Another possible culprit is the waste discharge flapper valve, which is usually located at the base of the hand pump assembly.Many parts are in two or more kits and will have more than one special character.Wrap one turn of tape around the thread at the top of the piston rod to protect the new seal and slide the new seal assembly onto the piston rod.First use, after periods without use the toilet may benefit from lubrication.Remove the base drain plug (key 8).Remove scale from the cylinder bore.Caution: Do not use abrasive pads on any part of the toilet and do not use cream cleaners except for the bowl.
Caution: Do NOT lubricate top or bottom valve gaskets.
Caution: Do not use thick liquid toilet cleansers or neat bleach.

Do not fit Vented Loop - between Inlet Seacock Pump Fit between Pump Bowl.
1/2" S10 Stainless Steel Self-Priming Flexible Impeller Pump, submersible pump with float switch, 230v/1 phase/50Hz xxxubs, submersible pump with float switch, 230v/1 phase/50Hz xxxua.
A good store clerk will be able to identify the head for you.