Shibata Hajime runs into the office and punches Inagaki, gang control/ leftover crack lyrics who reveals that he wrote the article.
His parents constantly argue, with his father never giving his mother any attention, so his mother uses the money she believes her husband secretly gives her (it is actually Kazuya's money) to buy kimonos to hopefully catch his father's eye.Ichiko oppressed Yurie and asked money from her with the evidence for a long time, and finally she couldn't bear any more so she sent Ichiko to hell, only to let Ichiko's patrons telling the truth (the hot spring is fake) to the media.Accusing Ai of bringing her there, she is informed that it was actually the Lord of Hell who arranged everything.But when Kanako is indeed sent there (saved offscreen by God, unbeknownst to Ai like every other innocent seemingly for no fault of her own, by an unknown drug addict who commits suicide right after, Hajime is shaken by such meaningless vengeance, while Tsugumi becomes.Takuma contacts Hell Girl but decides not to go through with it, leaving it to the police.Read at your own risk.Tsuyu is joined by a younger prostitute named Kiyo.She deliberately gets into a relationship with him, then blackmails him for being involved with a minor.6 "Twill" Transcription: "Ayaori" ( Japanese : ) August 18, 2017 Michiru refuses her fate to be Hell Girl, and tries to disappear.Yayoi constantly hears the sound of underwater bubbles, and realizes her sister is dead and wants her to take revenge on her behalf.Yu Miyazuki decides to use the "Hell Correspondence" website and types in Rina Endou's name, but decides not to submit.However, Endo is forced to cheat on her by her jealous older brother Michito, and he leaves her, ashamed.Ito doesn't believe it and goes to ram his truck into the man's house.After a young boy died at the road, his older brother, truck driver Michiro Ito, wants vengeance on the old man.