4It takes approximately.5 hours to charge an empty PB-42L Li-ion battery pack.
The various indicators and 2 frequencies appear on the LCD.
4 getting acquainted keys AND controls FM tribander TH-F6 A/ B-band status LEDs Green : Busy Red : Transmitting Orange : ChargingTuning Control VOL Control Display PTT switch lamp KeyAntenna Speaker/ Mic.
@0 Appears when the Tone Alert function is activated page.Keypad Power Switch moni Key M Multi-scroll KeySP/MIC avid sibelius 7 crack mac jack DC IN jack Battery release 5 3 getting acquainted qEL Appears when the transmit output power is set to Low (ÒLÓ) or Economic Low (ÒELÓ) pages 7,.) O P ( Since the amateur radio bands are slightly different from country to country, the following meter band descriptions are used in this manual.In Menu mode, you will see a text message on the display that lets you know what you are configuring.ID 29 DCS 29 using 29 selectincs 29 DCS code ID 30 chapter 9dtmf functions manual 31 dtmf TX 31 automatic 31 storintmf number IN memory.34 BAR 34 fine 35 activating fine 35 Selecting a Fine Tuning Frequency Step.2Insert (or remove) four AA (LR6) alkaline batteries.View all the pages Page of 64 B (K,E,T) / 220/ 440 MHz FM tribander TH-F6A 144/ 430 MHz FM dual bander TH-F7E instruction manual kenwood corporation FM tribander TH-F6 models covered BY this manual The models listed below are covered by this manual.This small FM portable transceiver features 2 m,.25 m (TH-F6A only and 70 cm amateur radio band operation plus another all-mode 100 kHz.3 GHz receiver (SSB and CW are up to 470 MHz).UThe transceiver becomes warm while charging the battery pack.Its possible to download the document as PDF or print.