Then remove old disposer.
You may need ahammer to loosen assembly parts.(There are usually ridges off by hand.Note: Please refer to the dimensions which match your disposer model number.Wire nuts, plumber'S pulp( (2 - Size 54) (.B" -distance from bottom OF sink TO center line OF disposer outlet, ADD 1/2"when stainless steel sinks ARE used, E" -leng'R OF discharge tube from " center UNE OF disposer outlet TO END OF discharge tube.Sign up for a livemore account and get access to our newsletter 2019 Sears Brands, LLC.Tips on games of cricket ipl 2012 for pc What to Look For When Buying: For these things to work well, you need power!We recommend cleaning lhe line before connecting your new Kenmore disposer.Another feature that is important is overload protection that will turn off the motor if it begins to overheat.Get immediate support for your, kenmore questions from.Kenmore is a registered trademark of KCD IP, LLC m adheres.Brand: Kenmore, category of Device: Garbage Disposal, document: Kenmore Garbage Disposal Installation Use Manual.Having the power to grind food waste into tiny shreds and basically liquefy it is essential for the drainage system and especially for use with a septic system.IF your OLD disposer haifferent mounting than your NEW ONE, GO ON TO instruction.Horizontal / Drain Pipe / Watch these trouble spots when routing Aflermufing with auger 4 4 here IS what TO extension tube DO IF YOU ARE installing yoink'S first disposer, Use a pipe wrench to loosen the nut at the top of the drain trap.First, turn OFF electrical power at the service panel (fuse box or circuit breaker box).Before routing You can do the job yourself with a drain auger, Remove the drain trap and, using the auger, clean out the horizontal drain pipe that runs from the trap to the main wasle pipe.To hold your screwdriver Then strike the head of the screwdriver with a hammer in a counterclockwise direction.When turned on, the motor spins the flywheel and attached impellers at almost 2,000 RPM.Follow instructions A through E, Step 2, then go on to Step.The cutting elements on your old disposer were probably worn and not grinding the waste completely, Your drain line may be partially blocked.
Check with your local building code official.).

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Once the disposer is off, turn it upside down and remove the electrical plate.