If you cant get any joy with any of these fixes, all is not lost.
You should then run your fingers across all the keys while the device is upside down, to remove any remaining dirt.I screwed the keyboard plate windows xp windows media player 11 onto.To check, open a text editor and press the key in question.This will be grayed out at most times, unless a new driver has been installed, possibly as part of a Windows Update.If available, check the, delete the driver software for this device and click,.Make sure that Turn on Filter Keys option is not checked.As you may have noticed, two of these problems are easily resolved, whereas the other two require a bit more work.If not, again open Devices Manager, right-click on Keyboards and select.Each reason has its own fix.After youve established that the problem isnt hardware, this is the first thing to check.But it can cause problems sometimes for normal or fast typing speed.
There is a chance that the keyboard is defective, so a replacement will need to be sourced.

If nothing helps, then the best option is to carry the laptop to a certified repair center.
However, follow the steps carefully and youll find the keyboard can be replaced.