kodak retina iiic instruction manual

The aperture to be used can be Obtained from the so called guide numbers which are included with each package of flash bulbs.
If you do it the other way round, the aperture-speed coupling would alter the aperture when setting the shutter speed.
This frame finder is designed for the standard and telephoto lenses, and its parallax correction also makes it suitable far close-ups with the supplementary N-lenses.
More scope with accessories The world-wide popularity of the reti NA is based as much on its famous precision and unsurpassed performance as an its versatility.Org Exposure settings without crack cod black ops multiplayer light values You can of course also set the exposure in the usual way without utilizing the light value scale.In that case the intended picture is not possible.This is a indesit wixxl 146 service manual valuable aid far the accurate determination of depth of field and distances for shots requiring special arrangement, and for checking of special effects before exposure.Far instance, once you have set the light value to 12, the index mark (12) will indicate one of the following aperture speed combinations: Shutter speed in seconds: 1/8 1/15 1/30 1/60 1/125 1/250 1/500 Aperture.6.8 If you don't wont to use.Use the above address for a check,.O.With this method the diffusing screen (5b) must always be fitted over the cell of the exposure meter irrespective of whether the cover is open or closed.M and X are synchronizing settings for flash.The line frame finder When you look correctly through the eyepiece of the finder, you will see a reflected line frame (34a).This is easily observed by the small black dot near the rim of the button.Be ready for action with your retina at any time and under any light conditions: get the handy kodablitz flash gun with the grained soft-light reflector.This correction lens is screwed into the mount of the eyepiece.However, if you should still hove any daubs an some point, please turn to your photo dealer or get in touch with.

Push the button (38) in the direction of the arrow and at the same time depress the film release button (8) Repeat this until the diamond-shaped mark near.