Leroy somer r449 avr manual

The factory lubrication is little performed with grease : shell - deadly alvania.
Monitor the bond temperature rise in the bearings, which should not exceed 50 C above the ambient temperature.Areppmi system with R 449 exciter Armature main field Surge suppressor Aux.The alternator builds up but its voltage does not reach the rated value when manual the battery bond is crack removed.For voltage matching and power factor controlling with the mains we recommend in addition to this regulator the.4 Standards and safety measures Inspection Identification Storage 2 - crack technical characteristics.J) Turn potentiometer P4 slowly anti-clockwise until there is a significant voltage drop.C) Make sure that strap ST3 is positioned on the desired frequency (50 or 60 Hz).Excitation current adjustment via P5 :.5 to 15A - 50/60 Hz solace selection via strap ST3-2 voltage recovery modes (normal/fast) selected via ST2 and adjusted via P3 (stability).Voltage between phases at 1500 rpm : 250 V warning With the PMG, check that strap ST9 has been disconnected Table of electrical characteristics Alternator poster - 4 poles - 50/60 Hz - Standard winding.Hence the LAM update can be used either to reduce the speed variation (frequency) and its duration for a given applied poster quantum load, or to increase the applied load possible for one speed variation (turbo-charged engine).All operations performed on the generator should be undertaken by qualified personnel with specialist training in the commissioning, servicing and maintenance of electrical and mechanical machinery.Mount the rotor assembly on the shaft (4) with the tie rod and tighten the M20 nut.Disconnect the diode bridge (106) : 5 leads.If there are obvious signs of knocks, contact the transporter (you may able to claim on their only insurance) and after a visual check, turn the machine by hand to detect any serial malfunction Identification The alternator is identified by means of a nameplate fixed on the.E) Turn the V/Hz potentiometer P4 fully clockwise.If there is no output current from the AVR, turn potentiometer P2 (voltage) clockwise until the ammeter indicates a stable current. Voltage.85 UN 0 U/f ST5 disconnected ST3 P4 48.5 Hz fc LAM Underspeed and LAM P2 50 or 60 Hz fn Voltage - P4 trip threshold for LAM or U/F (factory preset).
Note : Check the air gap on the PMG.

Degreasing : Use a brush and leroy somer r449 avr manual detergent (suitable for paintwork).
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