Magelis xbt gt manual

(or lower) endurance (XBT GT operation version altitude) Vibration resistance Noise immunity (via noise simulator) Electrostatic discharge hd-a immunity IEC compliant Industry: 5 Hz to 9.5mm, 9 Hz to 150.
However, should you find anything damaged or missing, please contact your local XBT manual GT distributor immediately / 18 Overview XBT GT Package Contents The following shows the soshi XBT GT Package Contents: XBT GT1000 series XBT GT2000 Installation Gasket Power Plug Screw Installation Fastener (x4) Installation.XBT GT1000/ 2000 XBT GT1000 XBT GT / 30 XBT GT Device Connectivity /2005 31 Specifications 3 At a Glance Overview This chapter presents the different XBT GT specifications: General Specifications Functional Specifications Interface Specifications Part Numbers and Functions Dimensions What's in rebellion this Chapter?Also, if Vijeo Designer.3 or later software is used, additional high quality fonts are available with 16x16 or larger characters /2005 41 Specifications TFT Display XBT GT unit vegas The following table presents the display specification of XBT GT unit with TFT screen technology: Specification.TFT: Thin Film Transistors also known as active matrix.Failure to follow this instruction can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage / 48 Specifications warning risk OF equipment damage AND power manual loss Avoid excessive stress on manual the power cable to prevent accidental disconnection.Provides a moisture resistant seal when installing the XBT GT range.Orange (lit) (Green red Backlight burnout is detected.I Ethernet Interface (except for XBT GT1100 permits to connect the XBT GT unit (X Port) to PLC from a Ethernet cable.Do not use sharp objects or tools in the vicinity of the LCD rebellion touch panel or to operate its buttons.At 25 C and continuos operation half of original brightness) Contrast Adjustment Not available.The following table describes the XB GT2000 pin s serial interface minecraft used with RS485 COM2 serial cable.Tool Port Connector: connects the Data Transfer Cable to the XBT.Handle the LCD panel carefully to prevent puncture, bursting, instrucciones or cracking of the panel material.Yellow ON: magelis Data transmission is occurring.Failure to follow this instruction will result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage / 20 Overview CE Marking Notes Introduction The XBT GT units are CE marked, EMC compliant products.The XBT GT2000 unit s Serial Port is not isolated.Confirm that the location is not subject korg to any risk of explosion before connecting or disconnecting equipment, replacing or wiring modules.The XBT GT s touch panel can be operated with this cover sheet attached.An excessive weight or stress on communication cables may cause an equipment s disconnection and unintended equipment operation.The following table describes the LED colors and status: LED Contents Orange When the Power Supply is ON: LED lights. The connector used is a D-Sub9 connector.
Interface Serial interface COM2 RJ45 Asynchronous Transmission version Data Length Stop Bit Parity Data Transmission Speed Description RS485 7 or 8 bits 1 or 2 bits None, Odd or Even 2,400bps to 12Mbps (except for XBT GT2110:115,200bps) Serial Interface Ethernet The following table lists the serial.