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Automotive Emergency (tow trucks) Motor Carrier, Trucks.
The police might have four frequencies, one for each side of town.
Program-appears scanner when the realistic manual scanner is ready for programming.
realistic 12 A Look.the Display.Your PRO-2005 scanner covers a wide frequency range: MHz.945 MHz scanner '.945 MHz MHz over a 1988 Tandy Corporation.(1)0-' '-, L 3 I manual 'e'-',-,.-.-.-.-.,-,.-.,-, I (1)0-' '-, I ILl u M1z NfM either (.Before You Call for Help.If you are near a railroad yard or major railroad tracks, look around 160.0 to 161.9 for signals.I program,- L L 5 scanner Enter the upper limit of the frequency range.Your scanner also has ten temporary monitor memories.In scan mode, press the number key for the bank you want to turn on or off.Page 29 BandUsage:.61-49.99.However, for some scanner of the ham radio, military aircraft (225-400 MHz and TV audio (WFM) bands, you must change the mode or step manually.Ooomitjcij oooizjtim DDoCIJmm 000ITJ80 oooo 5 Repeat Steps 1-4 to program more channels.With a little investigation, you can find active frequencies in your community.Refer to the table below.The serial number is located on the back panel of your scanner.General Services Administration UGX.Always remove old or weak batteries.Civil Air Patrol.As manual a rule, each agency has several different frequencies they use for different purposes.2 warning: TO prevent fire OR shock hazard, DO NOT expose this receiver TO rain OR moisture. Yourscannercan storeup to 410frequencies.
You cannot turn off all banks - one must be turned.
See "Locking Out Channels." manual-comes on when the scanner is in the manual channel selection mode.

Scanner lets you manual for pro 2005 scanner realistic in on all the action!
24 ' A quick look AT your scanner scan Key PRI(Priority) Key, delaykey manualkey- Multi-purpose Display r speed Key, Command Keys -(F;k-;-LlMIT Keys AL, snC.