It is based on the pre-20th century Model 1891 rifle, which was the first lever-action rifle to be chambered for the.22 Long Rifle cartridge. .
Marlin 36, notes: This is a pre-World War 2 design produced until just after World War. .
When introduced, this weapon was called simply the Model 336 Carbine, but the name was changed to the Model 336C in 1951. .
The Marauder had a very short.25-inch barrel. .Make the wood as fancy as you like and customize you sights. .Variants bully scholarship edition tpb iso include the Model 444S (also known as the Marlin 444S Sporter built from 1972-88; this version used a shorter 22-inch barrel, a straight-wrist, straight-comb stock, and a semi-beavertail fore-end. .The build has bright stainless steel metalwork finishing, a dark wood stock and fore-end with dvd drive update driver is missing windows 7 checkering in the pistol grip wrist and fore-end, a MIL-STD-1913 rail atop the receiver, and a heavy barrel. .Courtesy, Gun Tests, the Model 7000's light weight and easy-to-use controls made it user-friendly and fun to shoot.It did not do well in the marketplace and was withdrawn in 2002. .It was designed for the.356 Winchester cartridge, and was essentially a Model 336C rechambered for that round. .Another safety-related feature was a magazine disconnect device, which made it impossible to fire the gun with the magazine removed.It disengaged when pushed to the left.For example see our Bolts ( 2301 Carriers ( 2330 firing pins ( 942 and many other original parts.Only registered customers can make purchases.This round has long been a favorite of lever-action users, but guns to fire this round have long been found only in individual builds. .In 1984, the Model 336C was superseded by the Model 336CS; this differs only in the addition of an extra crossbolt-type safety catch.The top of the weapon is sandblasted to minimize glare, and the sight is of the Marlin-patented Wide-Scan type. .The action is also somewhat different, using a squared breech-bolt that reciprocated in a track on the right wall of the receiver. .In 1964, both the.44 Magnum and.32 Winchester Special chamberings were dropped from production. .Though the year began with the barrel length still at 24 inches, this was shortly reduced to 22 inches. .Nil 81, marlin 36 Carbine, lA 4 2-3-Nil.Weapon Ammunition Weight Magazines Price Marlin 1895.45-70 Government.4 kg Marlin 1895XLR.45-70 Government.4 kg Marlin 1895mxlr.450 Marlin.18 kg K Marlin 1895.50 B M Magnum.4 kg Weapon ROF Damage Pen Bulk SS Burst Range Marlin 1895 LA 4 2-3-Nil 7 4 Nil XLR.Original models also had a gold-plated trigger, but the plating was deleted in 1982. .
The Model 444 uses a straight-wrist stock with a high Monte-Carlo-type comb, a ventilated rubber recoil pad, and a short fore-end. .
Variants include the Model 56DL Clipper, a deluxe model that comes with a 4x telescopic sight and a 12-round magazine. .