This resulted in the need to run Maven twice: once for updating the version and the again with the updated version.
WAR / JAR / ZIP ) The first three of these ( groupId:artifactId:version ) combine to form the unique identifier and are the mechanism by which you specify which versions of external libraries (e.g.Xml of this project will look similar to this: project dependencies dependency /dependency /dependencies /project As you can fluttering india episode 4 see, the junit dependency is provided by default.For more information on inheritance and aggregation please refer to this documentation.We also have an example test class in src/test/java.Not only that, but it did so in a way that is compatible with Continuous Delivery.Properties are also often used to define build path variables: properties lder /properties plugin /.Lets see an example: properties lease /rsion /properties dependencies dependency /dependency dependency /dependency /dependencies Now if you want to upgrade Spring to a newer version, you only have to change the value inside the rsion property tag and all the dependencies using that property.To execute the application, we run the following command: mvn exec:java.For this we need to ensure our POM accepts versions set externally.Xml file easier to read and maintain.The rich list of plugins that are officially supported by Maven is available here.Along the way, we strongly focused on keeping as much knowledge as possible inside the POM.Xml cannot be used for interpolation.This is the second major update to a very popular article series titled 'Maven Releases on Steroids' which I originally published in 2011.The exec-maven-plugin searches for the mainClass in our project.While not perfect, even this minimal implementation warranted this long overdue update to my previous articles.If you want to run only the test phase, you can use: mvn test Now lets invoke the package phase, which will produce the compiled archive jar file: mvn package.3.Xml file to indicate that this is a parent module:.2.plugin The build section is also a very important section of the Maven POM.
By using profiles, you can customize the build for different environments such as Production/Test/Development: profiles profile build plugins plugin /.